Age of Empires 3

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I know that a lot of people will not agree with me but I’ve never liked the Age of Empires series. Many people praised it for its beauty and gameplay but I didn’t like it. Somehow, the game simply wasn’t my type of strategy game, and no matter how hard I tried to like it, I couldn’t.

I was just getting into PC gaming when Age of Empires 2 was released, and I found the game to be a long, drawn-out strategy romp with some annoying tendencies and little in the way of action – I was instead enticed by Total Annihilation, with its brilliant gameplay and absorbing story.

So, when Age of Empires 3 landed on my desk, I can honestly say I was pleasantly surprised with how far the series has come from its 2D origins. Vivid colors and smooth textures were off the hook at that time.If you like to play strategy games like Age of Empires you should try  strategy games free.

Best strategy

409720511This version of the new-world strategy adventure features the original game and its two expansion packs, which were added afterwards, the Asian Dynasties and the War Chiefs, offering a decent variety of empire-building and civil war skirmish alike, as you take your fledgling nation from your home city out into North and South America in pursuit of gold and glory.


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Celebrity apps and games everybody should try

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Celebrity apps and games are overflowing Iphone App Store and Google Play Store too, the reason is that people like them and want them, some are even too obsessed with them that they cannot wait to play again next day. World stars have millions and millions of fans and followers and all these fans and followers would like to check out their game, some give up of playing it but others continue, all this gives profit to celebrities. This means there is mutual interest about these games which can be a very interesting way to spend your free time instead of boring yourself to death.

kim-k-gameAs you probably already know, this year was the best year for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game which brought about fifteen millions of dollars to Kim and Kim’s company. All this happened thanks to the Kim’s fans and the curiosity of people in general. Whether you are a fan of Kardashian family of not, you probably were tempted to download and try to play a game just to see what it’s like, and surprise was that the game was actually fun. Photo shoots, celebrity parties and hanging out with Kim are an inevitable part of this game and if you did not already, you should really try it. If you are an impatient person you can look for Kim Kardashian: Hollywood hack or tips that will help you achieve the goal of becoming the A class celebrity in no time.

Based on Kim’s efforts to make this game, several celebrities decided to do this as well, some of them are Kylie and Kendall Jenner, the step sisters of Kim Kardashian. These two gorgeous girls announced their game will be released soon, even though their characters exist in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, they wanted their own game. This game is already launched in several countries, such as Canada by the name Kendall & Kylie. This game similar to Kim’s allows you to become a celebrity just as Kardashian-Jenner clan members are, and all that from being ‘nobody’.

11906286_476905755821831_1309256706_nKardashian and Jenner celebrities are not the only celebrities who launched their games, Demi Lovato, Katty Perry and Britney Spears also have a little something prepared for their fans. Demi Lovato, a Disney actress and one of the most popular persons today has launched her first game called a Path to Fame and it is available for both Iphone and Android users, unlike Kardashian and Jenner’s games this game is about your musical career, you have to create your character, create your band and travel the world performing and singing. In the process of achieving your goal of becoming the most popular singer you can have fun with your friend and family and a possibility of meeting your animated soulmate.

Britney and Katty as well as the other four all concluded the contract with Glu Games, which says everything about the upcoming games even if they are not launched yet. Having fun will be inevitable with these games.


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Some tips about Hungry Shark Evolution

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If you are one of those lazy people who want to play this game but you don’t want to learn things as everyone else through playing and failing then you have found the article made just for you. I will not guide you through the game like a mother would drag a child through the crowd, but I will throw you few useful tips that will make your playing a bit easier. Some of the tips will diminish the feel you get when you find something and resolve any unknown things by yourself, but there are people like you, and there are people like me too.

Go and do the daily deals you can find when you click on gems icon. You will get free gems and free coins out of those deals.

scrark-e-2 If you don’t know how to deal with the giant crab then it is understandable, many get frustrated first time they encounter it. But, there are a lot of videos on youtube that will show you step by step how to kill it. Important thing to know about killing it is that you should stay at the top of its lair, and use your boost carefully and keep your health bar above the fifty percent by feeding on the fish that can be located in the upper part of the cave, part where you wait your turn to strike at the crab.

Having a baby shark is a must. Apart from being beautiful they provide certain bonuses. Every baby shark will give you a certain amount of stamina, and they will help you feed faster and strike harder. TO get the baby shark you will have to unlock its playable counterpart first. They can be bought by both coins and gems.If you need coins and gems you should consider using Hungry Shark evolution unlimited coins.

Daily reward may be weak at the first day or even at the second one, but once you reach fifth day you will be awarded gems, and gems are always welcome. So, even if you are not entirely up to chasing things with your shark, take 5 to 10 minutes of your day to get that chest with daily reward inside.

Rush_of_Goldilocks!Gold rush is something you should use wisely and not waste it in a region where you have just finished hunting. Every shark has different requirements in the form of the amount of points needed to activate Gold rush, but once it activates all of those sharks become beasts, bigger beasts than they were before, if you can believe that.

With new updates your sharks will become invincible once Gold rush starts and you will be able to eat things you couldn’t before. For best Gold rush runs go to the far right part of the map, and hunt there. Fish that provides the most points can be found there and combining that with crazy multipliers Gold Rush provides you will earn points like crazy. And more points you score, more coins will go into your pocket at the end of that run.

I hope that these tips helped you and saved you few minutes or hours  it would take to find about these things by yourself.

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Best free apps for diet

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We live in an incredibly fast world where almost everyone eats fast food. Some people have a good metabolism or actively organized life, but some do not. If you live sedentary way of life or work at such a workplace, without enough physical activity, gaining weight can come as a consequence. Many problems and tasks are nowadays enabled or facilitated by smartphones, tablets and similar devices, so there are, naturally, Android and iOS applications that can help you regulate your body weight. On Google Play Store you can find many applications that help weight regulation, but many of these are either paid to download, or you can download them for free but they offer only a limited number of features if you do not buy the full pack. These are three best diet apps that can be downloaded completely for free.

My Diet Coach

This application helps users lose weight in a slightly different way. It encourages the user to practice balanced and healthy eating. With several interesting options it makes you question your decision to eat an incredibly tempting and calorie-packed slice of pizza, or decide for a nutritious healthy snack after all. There are also some fun features such as photographing yourself for the sake of motivation for further diet. So, you take a photograph of yourself at the beginning of a diet, and then a month later you take another photo, to be easily able to determine how much weight you have lost. You can make another photo each month, so you can also visually monitor your progress. There are also tips, tricks and reward systems that will encourage you to keep going and help you think better about yourself. This is an application that does not intend to bore you with numbers, but only to motivate you to control yourself about how much food you take and to make sure you eat healthy.

Calorie Counter by FatSecret

calorie-counter-android-appCalorie Counter by FatSecret is a bit more basic in comparison to many other applications. It contains a system through which you can record the kinds and amounts of food you take every day and information about how many calories you spend on training or even during everyday activities. It also comes with a barcode scanner so you can scan the barcode of the food you eat, in order to get the exact number of calories. There is also a system for monitoring weight, diet calendar and a guide to finding healthy food in restaurants. It’s great that Calorie Counter by FatSecret contains a widget with recipes that will further help you eat healthy. Also, combining this app and My Diet Coach would probably help you achieve great results.

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker by SparkPeople

lnmb3b_tr25This application helps you keep track of your weight and apply proper diet, by choosing appropriate food from the base that Caorie Counter & Diet Tracker contains. The base contains over three million different foods.  Of course, this application comes with a built-in barcode scanner, so that you can scan in shops and via the Internet access to all the nutritional information of the food you bought or want to buy. With all this, there is also the basic system of monitoring the user’s activities, which allows you more efficacy on a diet because you will always be able to accurately determine all activities, calorie intake and food consumption.

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